Have you ever considered expanding your current dock? Or build a completely new dock on your waterfront property? Perhaps you haven’t considered moving ahead with the project because it seems too complicated. T Dock can help you. Our floating docks are as easy to put together as 1-2-3. Do you remember playing with blocks as a child? The concept is the same – for grownups! Put your dock together yourself or have it installed by one of the experts on our team.


Our products are Made In Europe, and built with European quality and according to European standards. With us, safety always comes first and we only manufacture to the specifications in which we would have our children walk and play on the docks. We would never put you or your family at risk. When comparing the products built by our competitors, you can consider us as the most stress-free company to buy from. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our customers say that the best part of using a T Dock is its unique versatility because it can be configured one way today, and should your needs change, configured differently tomorrow. What’s more, our docks do not overheat in the sun therefore allowing for usage year-round. This means T Docks have an additional fun factor. (UV resistance is one of the many factors that contribute to what we call the “fun factor”. Contact us to learn more about it!)