If you are looking to do some serious jet skiing, flyboard, you have come to the right place…
Welcome to Blue Marine. We are one of the leading marine companies in Qatar offering a full line up of water sports activities, located at The Diplomatic Club, The Intercontinental and The Hilton Hotel.
Our highly qualified operators makes your water sports adventure an unforgettable experience






What’s our

Our Mission is to provide the best water sport opportunities with an outstanding value to every customer, where as competence, know- how and availability of high quality equipment guarantees satisfaction to all our clients.

What’s our
Vision ?

To be the most comprehensive and progressive water sports operations in the middle east, we accomplish this by showing respect for our clients and partners , being open , truthful and honest in all of our business dealings.

Know Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula, connected at the south to Saudi Arabia and featuring 350 miles of coastline that mark its eastern, northern and western oundaries. In addition to the peninsula, Qatar has several islands including Halul, Sharauah, Al-Bashiriya, Al-Asahat, Al-Safiliya and Al-Aliya islands. Qatar is only about 80 km wide at its widest point, Qatar is bordered by the Arabian Gulf. Doha and Qatar’s other major cities lie on Qatar’s east coast.